Our Journey - Over Four Decades of Excellence

Our Journey - Over Four Decades of Excellence
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Crafting a Legacy in Industrial Packaging Solutions

Armor Packaging Corporation has a rich history that spans over four decades, tracing back to our founding in 1975. Our longevity in the industry attests to our unwavering commitment to quality, loyalty, and the nurturing of long-standing relationships.

We were not always known as Armor Packaging Corporation. The journey began under a different banner, Aeon Box Company. The turning point arrived in 1995 when the business was purchased and set on a path of reinvention. By 1999, we had rebranded, emerging as Armor Packaging Corporation, a name that signifies our strength, resilience, and our commitment to protecting our clients’ products.

Our Commitment to Quality and Relationships

At the heart of our operations lies a simple principle – “Do what we say we are going to do and do it the best we can.” This tenet has been the guiding force behind our success, shaping our approach to our work and our relationships with our clients.

In our business, quality isn’t just about the physical product. It’s about the entire experience we provide, from the first contact to the delivery of the final product. We are passionate about ensuring that our packaging solutions meet the highest standards, but equally important is the cultivation of strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

A Family-Led Business Rooted in Loyalty

Under the leadership of our dedicated owners, Armor Packaging Corporation has grown into a prominent provider of industrial packaging solutions. With their steadfast devotion to the business and hands-on approach, they’ve cultivated a culture of loyalty, dedication, and hard work. This culture extends to all relationships we form, whether they’re with clients, suppliers, or employees.

At Armor Packaging Corporation, we’re not just providing packaging solutions – we’re creating a legacy. Join us on this journey as we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do. Together, we will build the future of industrial packaging.